Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal

Merazonia manages to release many animals but also looks after those that cannot be set free or are in costly rehabilitation programs. Help us take care of them by adopting an animal and pay for their monthly costs. This comes with a unique Merazonia T-shirt and regular updates on your animal! 

Click here if you prefer to adopt an animal through the Dutch foundation. On the bottom of the page there is also an option to adopt through paypal instead. If you have a request for an animal other than the ones mentioned below, contact us on:

Adopt Pangui the puma

m 1-puma-pangui-100-1Pangui (meaning female puma in Mapuche) has a sad past. She was locked up in a 1 by 2 meter cage for several years in a hostel and could hardly walk when she got here. Little by little she recovered and she can now jump 5 meters high within seconds, without blinking.

She is physically super fit but the risks of releasing her are too high so she will most likely spend her life with us in her spacious and secluded jungle enclosure.Feeding a puma costs a lot of money every month.

Yes, I adopt Pangui for $100 per month

Adopt woolly Carlitos

l 3-a-woolly-samson-13

Carlitos: Still young and bouncy, Carlitos’story is a common one for woolly monkeys. Most likely his mother was shot for bushmeat. When females are shot, they often fall down with their baby still tightly holding on to them. The babies end up in the illegal traffic of animals.

Luckily Carlitos found a good home in another centre before arriving here, to become part of our woolly monkey release project.

In the next years we hope to (soft)release Carlitos along with his group on Merazonia premises, but most likely we will have to keep feeding him for years to come.  

 Yes, I adopt Carlitos for $50 per month

 Adopt capuchin Cameron

m 3-a-capuchin-cameron-5-1Cameron:  Though reaching adulthood, Cameron is still pretty much a youngster at hard: playful and acrobatic. Capuchins are the most intelligent new world monkeys which made them popular to use in TV-series and it added to their popularity as a pet.

Cameron and his group members all come from houses and this makes it very important to find an isolated release site for them, far away from the temptations of humans and human products.

We hope we will be able to accomplish this in the years to come, but until then, the group goes through lots of food and enrichment installations. 

Yes, I adopt Cameron for $30 per month

 Adopt kinkajou Romeo

4 kinkajou Romeo 25

Kinkajous are not as well known as monkeys but are marvellous creatures! They are nocturnal tree-dwellers and belong to the raccoon family, though they behave more like monkeys with their strong prehensile tail. They are primarily fruit-eaters and are important seed dispersers in the rainforest.

Merazonia has successfully released most of the kinkajous that arrived at the centre in a step-by-step program.

Young newcomer Romeo is eager to get his chance of a free life but until then, goes through a large amount of food every night. 



Yes, I adopt Romeo for $25 per month

Adopt red howler Emuya

 5 Howler Emuya 20Emuya: Merazonia is the only centre in Ecuador, successfully keeping red howler monkeys in captivity. They are almost purely herbivores and therefore need a lot of special care and specific diets, to survive.

It has cost us several years to create a group and Emuya now lives with two other red howler monkeys.They are the loudest land animals in the world and their howls are impressive and ominous sounding.

We hope to (soft)release our group on our land in the time to come, ideally with one or two more monkeys and with Emuya all grown up and able to howl like BB King.

Yes, I adopt Emuya for $20 per month

Adopt a macaw

6 Macaw Malcolm 10

Merlin:Rehabilitation and release of parrots and macaws is proving difficult. Many have come from homes and have lost their survival instincts. They are not able to find their own food nor recognize predators.

Nonetheless, we set up a groundbreaking rehabilitation and release program for blue headed parrots last year. But Merlin is probably one of those macaws that can never be released. Therefore he lives in our spacious aviary among with other blue and yellow macas and big parrots. In safety but within his natural habitat!

Yes, I adopt Merlin for $10 per month

Adopt Ms Guatini

Guatin rodent merazoniaThere are many sizes rodents living in the rainforest, but few as cute as Ms Guatini. She is a guatin and a smaller relative of the agouti and the giant capibara who also reside in the Amazon. Though not an endangered species, they are often hunted for their meat. Normally we set rodents free after a check but Ms Guatin is just too tame for that and seeks our humans and, more dangerously, dogs. We decided she can live a peaceful life having the ground floor of our spacious aviary all to herself. She thrives from the attention of volunteers, a good diet and the shelter from predators and must be around 167 in human years by now! But apart from some cataracts, she is still running around like a youngster!

Yes, I adopt Ms Guatin for $5 per month

Co-adopt the blue-head rehab project

blue headed parrots merazoniaParrots are the most trafficked animal of the Amazon, yet the one that is most complicated rehabilitating and releaseing. There are many complications, such as losing their natural instincts and learning to talk when kept in houses. Bith reasons not to release them. The blue-headed parrot is the most trafficked animal of our region and we have many of them. With the help of some American parrot experts we set up a groundbreaking rehabilitation program for them and against all odds, managed to release a group of 15 blue-headed parrots back into the wild! Some were adopted by a wild group in the area, other formed their own group and three of them still prefer to hang around our camp. That is ok too. After the postive result we decided to form a new group of blue-heads. So be part of the team, co-adopt this project and contribute to more animals living life in freedom!

 Yes, I co-adopt the blue-head rehabilitation project for $15 per month

Adopting an animal through paypal is also possible 

Adopt an Animal

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