Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal

Help us take care of the animals by adopting an animal with the amount of your choice. With your adoption, you will receive beautiful pictures of your animal and regular updates on his wellbeing, development, and interaction with the other animals. 

Merazonia manages to release many animals but also looks after those that cannot be set free or are in costly rehabilitation programs. 

Sloth saviourBe a sloth saviour!
We receive a couple of dozens of sloths a year. These noble creatures can often be released on our reserve after a medical check. But some need to recover from injuries and young sloths need to gain strength and grow before being released. They receive expensive fresh goat’s milk and get a radio collar when released so we can make sure they are doing ok in the wild. Become a sloth donor and we will keep you posted on all our sloth activities! 

Yes, I support a sloth and adopt him or her with the amount of my choice!

Fonzie the woolly monkeyAdopt Fonzie the woolly monkey 

Fonzie is still young and bouncy. We gave him 24-hour attention as well as a specialized diet when he arrived. Young monkeys such as Fonzie often start blossoming once they arrive here as they get the protection and care they need. Now Fonzie is being introduced into a group with the prospect of a gradual release! With your adoption, you will receive regular updates on his wellbeing, development, and interaction with other monkeys in the future.

Yes, I support Fonzie and adopt him with the amount of my choice! 

Tamarins renamedGirl power! Adopt a tamarin monkey

A fairly unknown monkey, but a very cool one: tamarin monkeys are small but fierce and lead by a true Amazon, namely a female. The duties of caring for the offspring are shared among the dad, uncles, aunts and siblings. We have released numerous groups, but sadly they keep being victims of animal traffickers and we receive many new ones every year. With your help we can bring these creatures back into the wild! 

Yes, I support a tamarin monkey and adopt him or her with the amount of my choice!


Whistler the kinkajouAdopt Whistler the kinkajou

A what now?! Kinkajous belong to the raccoon family, are nocturnal and live in trees. They are very agile, running and jumping through the trees. Sadly, they are still popular in the pet trade and we receive them frequently. We have rescued and rehabilitated many. They are very pretty although Whistler here came in with some malformations and can’t be released as he also needs heart medicine every day. He does get some human attention! 

Yes, I support Whistler the kinkajou and adopt him with an amount of my choice!

Blue headed parrots

Adopt Blue-headed parrots

Blue-headed parrots are the most trafficked species in our region and we have received many a year. Parrots in general are very hard to rehabilitate. But we have set up a rehabilitation and release program for them that is very successful and have already released 3 groups: a unique achievement! Sponsor this fourth group and help us get them ready for release too! 

Yes, I support a group of blue-headed parrots and adopt them with the amount of my choice!


Adopt puma Pangui

Pangui (meaning female puma in Mapuche) has a sad past. She was locked up in a 1 by 2 meter cage for several years in a hostel and could hardly walk when she got here. Little by little she recovered and she can now jump 5 meters high within seconds without blinking.

She is physically super fit but the risks of releasing her are too high so she will most likely spend her life with us in her spacious and secluded jungle enclosure. Feeding a puma costs a lot of money every month though.

Yes, I support Pangui and adopt her with a monthly amount of 100 dollar.

CameronCameron would like to be adopted by you 

Though reaching adulthood, Cameron is still pretty much a youngster at hard: playful and acrobatic. Capuchins are the most intelligent new world monkeys which made them popular to use in TV-series and it added to their popularity as a pet. What people often don’t know is that capuchins are also extremely energetic, destructive and hiarchial – a combination that sooner or later results in injured people.

Cameron and his group members all come from houses and this makes it very important to find an isolated release site for them, far away from the temptations of humans and human products. We hope we will be able to accomplish this in the years to come, but until then, the group goes through lots of food and enrichment installations. 

 Yes, I support Cameron and adopt him with a monthly amount of 30 dollar.

Click here if you prefer to adopt an animal through the Dutch foundation. If you have an adoption request for an animal other than the ones mentioned below, contact us on

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