About Merazonia

Merazonia focuses on animal release. It was truly built by volunteers for volunteers (and animals of course) and this remains a big part of what makes Merazonia special.

Supporting Merazonia has direct effect: with the help of volunteers and donors we implement successful and groundbreaking rehabilitation programs. From primates, to sloths, felines, parrots and Neotropical otters. 

Mera is located where the Andes meet the Amazon. The World Wildlife Fund has called the area from Baños to Mera, “A Gift to the Earth” because of its beauty and biological importance to the region. 

All founding members of Merazonia have a background in volunteering and worked as volunteers at several wildlife centres throughout the continent, before joining forces and embarking on a new adventure.

According to the UN, the illegal trade of wild animals for profit ranks as the world’s third largest illicit activity behind drug and weapon smuggling, while Interpol considers animal trafficking second only to drug trafficking.