Great news: Merazonia is open for volunteers! And we can surely use the help. For those eager for an adventure, in this article we list all the extra safety procedures currently in place at Merazonia. Several volunteers from Europe, America and Ecuador have arrived already and can answer specific questions if you want, or you can e-mail or WhatsApp us.

Despite a very challenging year, we managed to help and set free a lot of animals. There was the spectacular release of two yaguarundis for example and we captured an elusive bush dog on our trap camera. But none of this would have been possible without the suport of our growing community of donors!

Merazonia is alive and kicking! The volunteers, donors and our Give us 5! community, are pulling us through the dark pandemic months. We even managed to release many animals, including a second group of red howlers, Toby the tayra and… breaking news:  Anku and Nuna, the two jaguarundis.

Both the renowned English newspaper The Guardian as well as the BBC paid attention to the struggle wildlife centres around the world face in times of corona. A ;pt pf centres struggle with income and cfinding caretakers. You can read the article here or watch the BBC-item. They both feature Merazonia and some of our more adorable animals.

We picked the six stories that stood out last year to share with you. There were successful releases of Sakura the otter and Stevie the sloth; there was the rehabilitation of Ruby the red howler and Andy the anteater; the edition of  first edition of our UK festival. And there is the story of the happiest parrot alive.

A forest free of human dangers brings back biodiversity. In 15 years the Merazonia reserve has gone through an amazing recovery. Emblematic animals such as the jaguar and the Andean bear are appearing again! On our YouTube canal you can find videos of animals filmed by our trail cameras.