Team Merazonia

Team Merazonia


Frank worked as a journalist in The Netherlands before setting sail to South America in 2002. He travelled the continent extensively and wrote articles, but his life changing experience came while volunteering at wildlife rescue centres. With a lot of hands on experience as luggage, a couple of scratches and the strong desire to remain outside the office, he decided to give shape to Merazonia – a centre that focuses on the actual rehabilitation of wildlife in their natural environment.

Jungle experience

“Seeing an animal released is what we do all this for. But I also enjoy seeing volunteers from all over the world and all walks of life, work alongside each other. It makes me feel proud of creating this place and brings that intangible touch of magic to the centre.” Want to know more? Read a recent interview with him or look on our media page for more articles.

m 6-personnel-louisa-and-frankLOUISA BAILLIE - VETERINARIAN

Louisa graduated from Cambridge University and worked as a vet in England for several years, before coming to Merazonia as a volunteer, in early 2009. After some travels through the continent, Louisa became our resident vet. Merazonia is one of the few wildlife centres in Latin America with an onsite vet.

Louisa nowadays also has a Masters in Conservation Medicine, assists other centres in the area with medical work and is a member of the Ecuadorian Wildlife Veterinarian Association. She also completed a Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) course and she is unrivalled when it comes to digging kick-ass ditches. Listen to her talk about her work in this radio-interview (starting at 9.30 minutes)



7 1 people Jeni

Jeni called us in February 2012 to ask if she could volunteer for a week. We told her the minimum requirement was two weeks, but well, she never left anyway. Her experience as a zookeeper at Twycross Zoo in the UK is of great value in our day to day animal care, as is her enthusiasm, working spirit and seemingly endless energy.

She heads our team of coordinators and is responsible for animal introductions. She is also always in search of the perfect piece of driftwood. Listen to her talk passionately about the animals and the Merazonia community in this radio-interview (starting at minute 2)



m 6 personnel jenniferJENNIFER GREENE - FOUNDER

Jennifer is co-founder of Merazonia and was hands-on involved with the initial five rough years of construction and paperwork. She now spends most of her time back in the United States, working as a psychologist and raising her family (2 boys, 2 girls, a dog and many foster kittens). She is director of Merazonia’s US based 501(c)(3)non-profit organization Save Ecuador’s Animals that helps to fund the centre's projects. She tries to visit the refuge whenever she can.



m 6 personnel guido 2007GUIDO VITERI - DEVELOPMENT

Guido was born and raised near Merazonia’s home ground, the village of Mera and has been part of Merazonia since the first spade went into the ground. Guido initially was in charge of the tough task of jungle construction. Though he still helps us with construction, we supported Guido to train as a Agriculture and Ecology specialist. He completed his studies in 2011 and now mostly manages our compost, plantation and reforestation projects. He is always up for laugh provided you speak Spanish (or at least try to). Guido has three children: Jefferson, Angelo and Wendy.




Alex joined us as a volunteer in 2013 and came back later that year as a coordinator. Being at Merazonia became a life changer for him and Alex. He picked up a study in wildlife rehabilitation while also using his background in fundraising to further develop Merazonia’s rehabilitation projects as well as several projects in Africa. He regularly visits Merazonia to get his hands dirty.